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Portable Multi-function Valve Grinding Machine

2014-9-3 14:44:45  views£º

Portable Multi-function Valve Grinding Machine

Portable Multi-function Valve Grinding Machine Application:

    ¡ñ Wide application which could grinding gate valve and plane valve(valve seat and valve core)
    ¡ñ Adjustable Grinding disc take planetary transmission way, grinding claws keep rotation while the grinding disc turning, grinding surface as orthogonal reticular pattern, sealing surface grinding in good quality and high efficiency

 Item  M-200    M-300    M-600
 rinding Range£¨mm£©     ¦µ118-220    ¦µ118-320    ¦µ220-630
 Voltage£¨V£©  220     220  220
 Power£¨W£©  1100    1100  1100
 Frequency (HZ)   50  50  50
 Min distance of valve seats(mm)   45  45  70
 Max Grinding Depth£¨mm£©  650  650  950
 Gross Weight£¨kg£©  55    56+20   70+11


Portable Multi-function Valve Grinding Machine Features£º
¡ñ Split-type assembly makes installation easy and fast
¡ñ High-strength aluminum alloy grinding disc. This material with high strength, light weight and hard to deformation   
¡ñ Standard configure: Germany Metabo Motor and world famous bearing
¡ñ Grinding Paper block, cheap and easy to replace
¡ñ Grinding speedy, good quality, grinding efficiency is 10-30 times by hand grinding
  ¡ñ Aluminum-plastic box packing, light, compact, and easy to carry


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