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M-600 Valve Grinding Machine

2016-8-4 16:06:29  views£º

M-600 Valve Grinder

M-600 Valve Grinding Machine Summarization
M-600 portable valve grinding machines with high efficiency, being easy to carry and being easy to operate, can repair the valve sealing surface in the pipeline scene. Applicable to the grinding of gate valve (Figure 2), globe valve (Figure 3), disc wedge(Figure 4)is High-tech national patent products.

M-600 Valve Grinding MachineTechnical indicators
a) grinding diameter: DN200 ~ 600
b) the electrical power: 1010 W
c) the greatest adjustment depth: 900 mm
d) input voltage: 220 V
e) operating weight: 25 kg
f) the smallest broaching size: B = 65mm

M-600 Portable valve grinder User's Manual


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