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Table Valve Grinder

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Table valve grinder

Table Valve Grinder is suitable for the relief valve off site repairing, widely applied in coal-fired power petrochemical steel metallurgical paper and other industries

Table Valve Grinder Feature:

1¡¢Table structure, more stable and durable
2¡¢Easy to operate, higher efficiency

 Item   MT-600    MT-350
 Grinding Range£¨mm£©    ¦µ150-600mm   ¦µ100-350mm
 Suitable Valve   Plane valve, gate valve   Relief valve
 Voltage£¨V£©    380  380
 Power£¨W£©   3000   3000
 Frequency(HZ)   50   50

Table Valve Grinder Preoperational check

a) Clean grinding disc before set the grinding paper
b) Before switch on, grinding disc should be on the grinding surface, the pressure not be hard,, then turn the disc by hand, listen the voice to make sure it is normal, switch on the motor and adjust the pressure to the best area by the handle. 

c) Grinding surface should be leveled to make sure there is no sharp stuff can affect grinding angle                 

d) Add enough lubricating oil 

¡ô Lifting box twice per shift£¨20# engine oil£©¡£
¡ô Main shaft transmission once a month£¨20# engine oil£©¡£
¡ô Pillar rocker arm rails, lifting screw,nut, rack, sleeve several times per shift£¨40# engine oil£©¡£


Table Valve Grinder Operation

1¡¢Connected power supply, switch on and have a check to make sure it can works well. Swing arm can be adjusted by motor lifting and down, spindle center position can be changed by handle adjustment.                              

2¡¢Place the valve on workbench, screw firmly, choose appropriate grinding disc installed on the grinding seat, stick grinding paper.
3¡¢Switch on lifting motor and down the swing arm to a suitable location. Push the swing arm, move the spindle box, make sure grinding disc face the valve sealing surface, swing arm to the appropriate position, locking swing arm and spindle box.


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