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M-100 portable valve grinding machine user's Manual

2014-1-10 10:15:32   viewsŁş

2.Technical Parameter
3.Parts List and installation pictures
4.Getting started and safety instructions
5.Installation& Operation Method
6.Grinding Process

1.M-100 portable valve grinding machine Overview

Model M-100 portable valve grinder is developped for the maintenance of valves as the new generation product. The product can reduce labor intensity, improve labor efficiency and lower maintenance costs.It is widely used in the industries such power generation, petroleum, chemical and metallurgy .It has the following characteristics:

Light, compact, and easy to carry
Split-type assembly makes installation easy and fast
Easy to be used
High efficiency,good grinding quality
Maintenance in the site without valve disassembles and assembles

m-100 Vavle Ginder

2.M-100 portable valve grinding machine Technical Parameter

Grinding scope:
Cone valve: ¦µ10~65,angle 60ˇăˇ˘75ˇăˇ˘90ˇă
Flat cone-valve: ¦µ20-165
Gate valve: ¦µ30-100Ł¨not on lineŁ©
Motor power: 622W
Rated Voltages: 220V
Allowed adjustable length: LˇÜ250mm
Operating weight: 3kg

3.M-100 portable valve grinding machine Part list and installation pictures

The said grinder is composed of motors,hand-lift set,driving shafts,fixed set, lapping head, papei-pressure, gasket, nut and so on.
The following pictures separately expressed installation for various valves.

4.M-100 portable valve grinder Getting started and safety instructions

4.1 Switch in 220V, single phase AC power, whose socket should be in compliance with the plug of the motors.
4.2 The motors shall be used in the following way:
The rev speed shall be increasingly fast when the button is pressed more and more heavily.
The motor shall turn clockwise or counter-clockwise following the relevant switch, the rev speed could also be adjusted by the turn knob, which shall be idle when perpendicular with the motor spindle line.
The rev speeds up when the speed handwheel, beside the switch, is turned clockwise per the arrow direction imprinted on the wheel, vice versa.
In general, the motor is recommended to start up after the handwheel is turned to the lowest position, then, on pressing the control button (viz. lock button,  is located on the rear hand grip of the motor)the motor shall continue to run by itself, the expected rev can be attained finally by the use of the handwheel. When switching off, the lock button will be released automatically on pressing the switch after the rev is on the lower side, the motor shall stop after the switch is released.
4.3Cut the grinding paper ( cloth) in conformity with the diameter of grinding films or the length of conical surface.
4.4Prior to grinding, check the surface to be grinded to remove the highlights, in order that neither grinding head shall be bumped nor the grinding angle will be altered.
4.5Disconnect the plug from the power source after the grinder switches off in order to avoid the accidental starting and personal or grinder injury.

5.M-100 portable valve grinding machine Installation& Operation Method

5.1 lapping head Selection
Choose the Corresponding lapping head According to the sizes of valve core .
Survey the angle of lapping head with the angle ruler, Guaranteeing that the angle match to the cone valve.
5.2 Installation   
Installing the equipment according to the size of the valveŁ¨picture1 to picture 10Ł©.

Model M-100 portable valve grinder user's Manual

Model M-100 portable valve grinder user's Manual

Model M-100 portable valve grinder user's Manual

Model M-100 portable valve grinder user's Manual
5.3 Operation Method
Set the fixed set on the valve pipeline,stick the lapping head onto the lapped surface,one hand holding the motor handle and switch,the other holding the hand-lift set,press the switch gently,then it is grinding.
6.Grinding Process

6.1 Rough Grinding
Grind with grinding paper (cloth) 80# .
6.2 Precision Grinding
Grind with grinding paper(cloth) 240# .
6.3 Polish Grinding
Grind with grinding paper(cloth) above 400#,or grind with fine lapping plaster on lapping head.


When the grinding is over, carefully clean all parts, remove the grinding paper (cloth) from valve grinding machine and applied with oil .
store it in the tool box according to the angle and size.


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