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Model MZ-150 Valve Grinding machine's Manual

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2.Technical indicators
3.The installation diagram
4.Matters need attention before the work
5.Installation and Instructions
6.Grinding technologies


MZ-150 Portable Valve Grinding Machine for grinding gate valve is a new generation of products that is adeveloped to adapt to on-site maintenance gate valve. It has the advantages as below: the reduction of labor intensity, improving labor efficiency, replacing imported products, educing the maintenance cost. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, steel mills, power plants and so on.
1) small volume. Light weight, easy to carry.
2) installation is simple, the  structure of product is combined type, easy disassembly, transvestite.
3) easy to operate.Valve seat, valve core can be grinded.
4) high grinding efficiency, good quality. Using advanced grinding materials, grinding efficiency is 10 to 30 times that of the manual grinding, can make the contact area of more than 95%. High precision grinding quality makes the contact area to the level of new valve.
5) it is suitable for on site repair in a complicated environment which saves the overall disassembling of valve.

2. Technical indicators
a)grinding diameter: Dia60-Dia180mm
b)the smallest broaching: 38mm
c)the greatest grinding depth: 350 mm
d)Power supply: 220 V/50Hz
e) rated power: 1100W

3. The installation diagram

4. Matters need attention before the work
1) switch on the 220 v single-phase ac power supply. The power socket should match the power plug of the motor.
2) Mastering the methods of the motor. You should carefully read the instructions, and adjust the speed of the motor by speed control switch.
3) cutting the sandpaper according the grinding disc diameter size.
4) Remove the high spot which on grinding surface area so that it can not impact grinding disk.
5) After downtime, it must pull the motor power supply, to avoid accidentally touch switch after grinding disc rotation hurt or damaged. Remember to unplug power supply after downtime.

5.Installation and Instructions
The products are consists of motor, host, adjustable bracket, valve core grinding base, grinding disk and so on. Grinding disk can have an replacement according to valve size and different grinding objects.
A. Valve base grinding (See the seat grinding diagram)
1) for the installation of valve seat without flange or valve seat frame with flange
Adjust the V type clamping machine and nut clamping chain. Install the v-shaped blocks to the grinding valve seat which needs to valve, then fix the adjustable frame on the v-shaped blocks by screws.
2) the installation of valve seat seat frame for with the flange. Injust the horizontal support bar to the adjusting rack and move it on the flange surface and fix it by card.
3) After installation of rack, please installate the grinding disk with sandpaper on the host. Adjust the deepth and fix on it. When changing the sandpaper, take out the telescopic boom and host at the same time. When preparing the changed sandpaper, install the telescopic boom and host on adjusting rack at the same time. Meanwhile, you can switch on the motor and begin to grind.
Note: the screw of installating grinding disc does not allow for too long. otherwise it may be suppressed grinding disc and grinding disk and the body will produce the friction, damage the grinding disc. Use 2 gear motor speed.
4) The function of handwheel
A. Horizontal adjustment handwheel is used in the body (grinding disc) left and right position.
B. vertical adjustment handwheel is used in the body (grinding disc) front and back position.
C. The clamping handwheel used to adjust the angle of the body and the size of the clamping force.
D. frame lock nut is used for clamping frame.Before starting the equipment it must be locked.
E. telescopic boom clamping handwheel is used to clamp the telescopic boom.
F. deep positioning block is used to locate the depth, make convenience for installing the card at second time.
. after installed motor, pluge in the power supply and swith on the motor, begin the grinding operation.
Note: unless it has the need to turning on the power supply for grinding, and the rest of the time please pull out the plug to prevent accidentally touch the motor switch, in case of the unnecessary damage.
B Valve core grinding (See the valve core grinding diagram)
1). According the diagram to install the valve core grinding bottom plate, bottom  plate bracket and transverse supporting bar.
2). Install the adjustment support bracket on the bottom plate support bracket.
3). Fix the motor on the body, and fix the body on the adjustment support bracket.
4). Fix the valve core on the core grinding bottom plate base.
5). Adjust the main motor tilt Angle and the position of the valve core which on the floor and make the grinding disk center superposition with the valve core center. Then lock adjustable frame.
6). According to the steps pasting sand paper and swith on the motor to grinding the valve core.
6. Grinding technologies
1). coarse grinding: using the 80 # sandpaper to grind so that it can remove the
remove the trench, pits, scratches and other defect.
2). Accurate grinding: use 240 # sandpaper to grind, so that it can remove minor scratches.
3). Polishing: use more than 400 # sandpaper to achieve the purpose of polishing  the sealing surface.
4). before sticking the sandpaper, grinding disk should be coated with a layer of bolt looseness agent and wipe up, so it is easy to change the sandpaper.
7. Maintenance
1). It should be carefully cleaned after using, and take out the grinding sandpaper and use the solvents such as acetone to wipe grinding disc surface.
2. Wipe antirust oil on the product and seal package. 





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